Refund Policy                                                                                                                    JULY 2017

You will not be entitled to a refund once your eService Request Application has bee nprocessed by Khidmaty Government Service Centre.

You need to apply for your refund, 15 days for pending processing and 7 days in case the Requested Service is not approved by the respective Government Department of Dubai or UAE and the refund is possible.

Any refund request should be logged either at our Online Portal or with Customer Service Help Desk.

Khidmaty Government Services will validate your refund and will process the refund back to the account designated by you through the Refund Request Application Form.

The following refund charges apply:

Khidmaty Government Services will charge a Refund Processing Fee of AED 10/- andaccordingly the refund will be made effective as under :

        .  Refund for Credit Card payments :

             -    Charges as AED 10/- refund fee and a 3.00 % Credit Card refund processing feeon the balance will be deducted and refundable

                   amount be transferred in a Bank Account.

         .   Refund for Cash or a Bank Account payments :

             -    Khidmaty charges as AED 10/- be deducted from the refundable amount and thebalance will be transferred to a Bank Account.

How to apply for a refund :

Refunds are determined by your method of payment. Please submit your request by completing the "eForm Refund Request Form" by Click Here. Your request will be logged in our system. Your money will be refunded based on the date you submitted your request